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Private Home Interior Design

Home is a place were you feel safe and calm. The interior design can include space, acoustic and furniture plans, color and surface material design and illumination design. 
The goal it to create a space for you, according to your needs and wishes. 


Public Space Interior Design

GoldenBlank creates your company's premises highlighting your brand and values. The space and visual plans are made according to your needs and wishes. The goal is to unite your company, brand and space together to improve the customer and employee well-being.


Space Planning

Well-thought-out space solutions improve living comfort and well-being.
Space planning is important for customer and staff comfort, communicates the company’s brand and values reflected in the business. 
Good space planning makes it easier to operate and it is very important to include it at the beginning of the project.


Acoustics Design

We can create a good acoustics environment by controlling the properties of sound with appropriate surface materials and acoustic elements. 

This can be done in business facilities, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, residential buildings or private homes.


Furniture Planning

We design timeless and sustainable furniture, always taking into account functionality and user specifications, regular furniture as well as fitted furniture as. kitchens and wardrobes and fixed furnitures in general like bookshelves.


Color and Surface Material Design

With colors and surfaces we can make big changes to the space. The purpose of the space and the desired atmosphere serve as the basis for choosing the surface and color design. There are huge amount of floor, wall and ceiling material options suitable for different spaces and applications, not to mention structural and color options that can affect the atmosphere and mood.

Color and Surface Material Design

Illumination Design

The best lighting is designed with people and space atmosphere in mind so well-being and comfort is provided.
In lighting design projects, we take the space shape and usage into account, we choose the right kind of lamps in the right places with the right light colors.



We help you to style your home for resale. We can style your home on-site or make a 3D-virtual tour video to your potential buyers if the apartment is still under construction or renovation.
We also do interior styling and photo arrangments for commercial purpose or press release.


Interior Design Consulting

With our professional interior design consulting service you will get personal advice together with the most important recommendations concerning the renovation, furnishing, and equipment of your property.

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